DLUXE Construction is a restoration and repair service provider that offers timely and budget-friendly services to homeowners. Their team of experts focuses on delivering excellent workmanship with great attention to detail. They aim to give their clients' homes a new look and restore them to their former glory. With DLUXE Construction, homeowners can expect exceptional and top-quality services that are tailored to meet their unique needs.

There are many important aspects to consider when it comes to making decisions regarding your home remodel. Dluxe Construction is proud to offer a Design+Build process for each of our projects, which means that we will help through every step from drafting plans, to designing to pulling permits, then to building your remodel. The remodeling stress is often inevitable! The remodeling process can be stressful at times, but Dluxe Construction will do their best to keep your eye on the prize. Dluxe Construction has extensive remodeling knowledge and is eager to share it with you. Below you will find some important questions to ask your contractor. See our portfolio for pictures of Additions, Full Home Remodels, and Dormer Additions.



Before hiring a contractor for your remodel, consider the following:


Before choosing a contractor, request references and locations of previous remodel or addition projects where you can see their work in person. Pictures may not always do the trick.

Meet Face to Face

When you choose a contractor to remodel your home you are going to see their face around a lot. You will want to ensure there will be a level of trust and effective communication. Meeting your contractor face to face and asking questions is the best way to determine this.
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Contracts and Other Documents

To ensure a project runs smoothly, before and after, it is important to have everything documented. Do not start a project until you have fully read and signed the


It is important to realize the lowest bid may not mean the best quality. When doing a renovation or remodel you want to be sure it is done correctly. You may want to pay the extra dollar to ensure the project is done properly.

Full Home Remodels

Homeowners can trust DLUXE CONSTRUCTION to restore and repair their homes to perfection. With DLUXE CONSTRUCTION, homeowners can rest assured that their restoration and repair needs are in good hands.

What to Expect: The Remodeling Process


The consultation will be the initial point of contact with the contractor. We will walk with the customer and ask many questions to get an idea of their project- their wants vs. needs. This will also be a time when we can let you know of any possible issues we may see at this point. After the consultation, we will then provide the client with an estimate. At this time we will also provide the client with references, previous projects we’ve worked on, and any other information they request. Some other topics to be discussed:
Important for the client to be clear with their contractor/designer on what they want especially if you are on a budget. Any slight change could significantly change the cost of the project.
Contractor will let the client know how long this project may take to do, needs to be realistic, never a 100% schedule, many things are unexpected.
Important to be clear on this as well as putting a backup fund aside for about 15% – 20%.

Pre- Project Planning

At this time a contract will be drafted and signed.

Payment Schedule
We will work with the client on what works for them and for us.

Start Date
A start date will be set, this may be tentative depending on the condition.
Some other topics to be considered at this time: Dluxe Construction sets the schedule according to what is most efficient. The project timeline may look different compared to the contractor you used for a previous project, but remember, every contractor works differently. It is also important to consider how the neighborhood will be affected by the construction. Homeowners must also start considering their living arrangements during the construction- will they stay in the home? What rooms will have no access during construction? Will customer need to make separate living arrangements during construction?


Plans & Permits – will be drafted and finalized. Remember this can sometimes be a long process.

Communication – Set up a communication plan. How often is it possible/necessary to have regular meetings? What is your most convenient mode of communication (email, phone, in person)? What hours are you available to meet? Will the client be going on vacation?

Materials – If you are purchasing any materials on your own, such as vanities, cupboards, countertops, flooring, fixtures- order as soon as possible. Some items such as windows- can take up to two months to receive.

Preparing Your Home – This includes, where will workers park? Which doors will workers use to enter/exit the home? Will this affect neighbors, your own parking? Are there pets that need special attention while workers are entering and exiting the home. What toilet will the workers use? If using a porter potty where will this be placed? Where will the dumpster go? Are there any obstructions near your home that may cause issues for the delivery of materials? Are there plants/landscaping that needs to be protected? Will there be children present? Do we need to do Asbestos/Lead test? This is the time where living arrangements need to be finalized. The home may need to be modified if you are going to stay in the house. It would be best to set a place and times to get a sort of vacation away from the construction.
Remember – the construction industry has many unexpected issues come up, noise, and comes with lots of extra traffic around the home- and it may be stressful. Having a regular getaway may be vital in making the process run more smoothly.

Prep Work
During construction, there will be a lot of dust and debris. This is not only a complication to the cleanliness of your home but the dust and debris could damage appliances or ducts, if not carefully paid attention to. Dluxe Construction is sure to do a thorough protection of your home and sets up barriers will be set up to prevent dust and debris from traveling throughout your home. Floors and other valuables will also be protected at this time.

Project Begins
This is when the project will take off and you will see dramatic changes in your home. It can be exciting! Expect the unexpected. It is helpful to be available as much as possible in case the contractor has questions for you. But most of all, try to enjoy the process as much as possible.

Final Touches
All finishing touches will be made- this includes fixtures on cabinets and lights, touch up paint, doors to be installed, etc. Dluxe Construction will do a final walk-through with you to make sure you are satisfied with the overall project. Remember, Dluxe Construction number one goal is for the clients to be 100% satisfied.





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